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Fallout Shelter Launches on PC, Invites You Back to the Vault


Fallout Shelter Launches on PC, Invites You Back to the Vault

Welcome back Overseer.

Not only is Fallout Shelter now available on PC, the game’s largest update since its release over a year ago is now live. The Quests Update overhauls much of the game, meaning there’s never been a better time to jump back in or try it out for the first time.

According to a Bethesda, across 5 billion game sessions, players have sent 715 million dwellers out into the wasteland. But now, with Update 1.6, players can take control and explore new locations like abandoned buildings, Red Rocket Fuel Stops, Super Duper Marts, and even other vaults.

The update also includes a revamped combat system. “The new combat system grants you greater control over your Dwellers’ actions in a fight, allowing you to direct their attacks. Select the enemy you want your Dweller to attack and even play a quick mini-game for a critical hit. Expand your arsenal with melee weapons like swords and baseball bats for a more up-close-and-personal encounter,” Bethesda explains.

To show off the new features, the developer put together the quick launch trailer above. Showcasing the quests and combat, it also includes a look at the updates that have come to the game in the past year, all of which are packed in for the PC version. “Whether you’re a seasoned Overseer or just starting out, the PC version offers the full Fallout Shelter experience,” the description reads.

The PC version of the game is available for free, through the launcher, which can be found on the Fallout Shelter website.

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