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The Answer to Our Last Post Is Dark Souls III With Nic Cage as Every Texture


The Answer to Our Last Post Is Dark Souls III With Nic Cage as Every Texture


Crabs? If you think mankind’s deepest creation is Dark Souls III filled with harmless sea crustaceans, behold every texture in the game replaced with the almighty, the unflinching, the unending… Nicolas Cage.

This gift to the world also comes to us from crab-texturer Limit Breakers, who’s been swapping out the game’s textures with fan suggestions. “CHOOSE YOUR T̶O̶R̶T̶U̶R̶E̶ I mean TEXTURE!” he says, fearing no consequence.

Warning: Below you will witness halls of Cage, plastered with his inescapable gaze and filled with monstrosities bearing his visage, all while a Nicolas cape hangs from your back, as if you had flayed his face yourself.

The video also includes other texture replacements that are less important than Nicolas Cage, including Shrek, waifus, and literally the word “POISE.”

Dark Souls III players have had a rocky relationship with the Poise stat since the game’s release. The mechanic didn’t work the same as in previous games, and seemingly not at all. While the stat is supposed to prevent staggering, players could be staggered pretty easily despite wearing Poise-increasing heavy armor. The game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, recently said he isn’t too proud of how the stat turned out, either.

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