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Watch an Xbox One S Get Unveiled from Within a Regular Xbox One


Watch an Xbox One S Get Unveiled from Within a Regular Xbox One

It really is that much smaller

So during an up and close and personal demo of the new Xbox One S, and Xbox Live’s upcoming new features, some of the fine people in the Xbox press office totally punked us. Sitting on a desk was a regular ol’ XB1, or so we thought. In a successful attempt to show us just how much smaller the smallest Xbox ever is, the original big VCR-like XB1 cover was lifted up and hiding underneath was the new Xbox One S. It can live so comfortably inside of it, I didn’t pick up on it for the entire meeting. It went exactly like this:

Xbox One S

I felt pretty stupid for being tricked, but I was assured that I wasn’t the only one to get fooled. Props to Microsoft for lying to me to make me feel better.

The Xbox One S certainly seems impressive whether you’re already an owner of the console or not. The slim is an all white version of the XB1 that is 40% smaller than the original, has an internal power supply, and will retail for a cool $299.99 which also includes the new textured grip controller. And, if you want to take advantage of a deal on the old XB1, the existence of the S has pushed the original down to $279.99 at most retailers which will usually include some extra goodies as well.

What’s still super secretive though is the souped up version of the Xb1 that for now is known as Project Scorpio. Scorpio will offer true 4K gaming, will be VR ready, and will also be compatible with all current games.

Excited for all of this new hardware? Planning on picking any of it up in the near future? Let us know in the comments.

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