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Xbox One S vs Xbox One Side by Side Size Comparison


Xbox One S vs Xbox One Side by Side Size Comparison

Here’s what 40% smaller looks like.

Microsoft announced a slimmer Xbox One at their E3 conference today. An internal power supply, 2TB of storage, and 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. And just in case you don’t have perfect spacial imagination, here’s what 40% smaller looks like.

xbox one s vs xbox one size


Inside, on top of, beside – three different ways to visualize the Xbox One S against its fatter predecessor.

The Xbox One S also offers High Dynamic Range technology (better contrasts), an integrated IR Blaster (lets your Xbox act as a remote), and an Xbox Wireless Controller with textured grips, Bluetooth, and increased range (needs no further explanation).

Microsoft also unveiled a second console, Project Scorpio AKA “the most powerful console ever.” Details are few, but it will be coming holiday 2017 with true 4K gaming and compatibility with all Xbox One games and accessories.

Other news from the conference includes new Gears of War 4 gameplay footage and a Play Anywhere initiative. You can check out everything Microsoft announced and showcased in our roundup here.

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