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Civilization VI: Sean Bean Explains Everything You Need to Know


Civilization VI: Sean Bean Explains Everything You Need to Know

How do you make the rise of human civilization more epic? Get an awesome voice to narrate it.

Well on its way to being an improvement on Civ 5 in just about every way, Civilization VI has given fans an in-depth look at how a typical game might play out. Publicly releasing the behind closed-doors gameplay walkthrough from E3, 2K is letting everyone see what the new game is all about. And best of all, Sean Bean narrates.

Running a full game, starting with the first founding of a city, up through expansion, the industrial age, and right on through a space victory, the gameplay walkthrough is packed with new things for fans of the series to get excited about.

Civilization VI’s biggest new feature, the ability to expand cities through different districts is front and center throughout the walkthrough. From building farms and garrisons in the early game, to oil refineries later on, how you choose to use the land and how you choose to build your city are more important than ever. When attacking, enemies can even ransack districts.

You can find our full thoughts on the walkthrough from when we saw it at E3 here. Civilization VI hits PC October 21.

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