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What Exactly Is Bethesda’s New Colossus?


What Exactly Is Bethesda’s New Colossus?

Bethesda has left a mystery for us.

Bethesda’s E3 press conference was full of exciting news and announcements for fans, but one piece of information may have flown a bit under the radar however, something that the publisher is calling “Colossus.”

At the beginning of the conference, Bethesda ran a MS-DOS command prompt with different game titles, right before revealing Quake Champions. A few lines down, right below Wolfenstein: The New Order and Old Blood, was a prompt titled “New_Colossus.” Interestingly, it’s the only line that doesn’t have a release date to accompany it, unlike every other line on the page. It’s hard to say for sure if this could be something related to Wolfenstein, as there are other prompts for games like Doom listed as well.

Bethesda, Colossus, what is

Whether Colossus is Wolfenstein related or not, it’s exciting to see that Bethesda has something else in the works besides what they showed tonight. Some of the highlights of the press conference include a new gameplay trailer for Dishonored 2, Fallout 4 DLC that lets you build your own vault and the announcement of a new Prey game.

What do you think Bethesda’s Colossus could be? Do you hope it’s a new Wolfenstein game, or something else entirely? Tell us what you think down in the comments.


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