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Overwatch: How to Mute Players


Overwatch: How to Mute Players

Overwatch allows you to play online against opponents with a team of five others. Sometimes, you won’t be playing with your friends, right? This could lead to some situations where you might be listening to some annoying, random person. Who needs them? Not you. Luckily, you can mute players.

This is done through numerous ways. You can either go to the Options menu from the main menu and head over to the Sound tab. From there, you could set Group Voice Chat and Team Voice Chat to off. Additionally, you can set your Voice Chat Mode to either Push to Talk or Open Mic. These options will remain until the next time you change them again.

Another way, in case you don’t want to mute everybody and their mother, is to do it once you enter a game. Open up the Social Menu (O on keyboard) and you’ll be able to mute individual players by hitting their mic. You won’t hear a peep from them through the game.

Congratulations! Silence truly is golden. If you need any other help with Overwatch, check out our wiki guide!

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