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Doom: How to Perform Glory Kills


Doom: How to Perform Glory Kills

Glory kills not only look great but get you extra health and supplies for your brutal finishers. Here’s how to pull off glory kills in Doom.

When taking on enemies you may notice that they may glow with a blue highlight occasionally. This blue glow indicates that the enemy is staggering, as will their rather off movements. When you see an enemy staggering this is your moment to strike for a glory kill.

What you’ll want to do is get up right close to the enemy. When you’re close enough, the blue highlight of the enemy will turn orange, indicating that you’re within range to deal out some seriously gruesome damage. Press the R3 button (click in the right thumbstick) when the enemy is glowing orange to perform a glory kill.

You don’t have to just approach a demon from head-on, either. Glory kills can be utilized from above, or behind to allow you to keep that seamless flow of brutal gore going. You won’t just be rewarded by being able to watch the gory demise of the demon, either. You’ll always get health drops whenever you pull off a gory kill so keep this in mind, particularly when the action starts to get really hectic.

And that’s all there is to it.

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