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Smite’s 60FPS Console Update Hits Next Week


Smite’s 60FPS Console Update Hits Next Week

More frames per second means more gods per second.

The multiplayer online battle arena game Smite is available on current generation consoles and PC, but the console versions have lagged behind on graphics and framerate.

That will change next week with the 3.6 patch, which upgrades the console version’s framerate to 60 frames per second.

The higher framerate and updated graphics are the largest changes in the Smite patch, but there’s plenty of new content coming to consoles as well. The latest patch note overview video shows off the new character and gameplay modes coming to the game.

The Escape from the Underworld event is also coming to consoles in this patch. After each match, both teams will fight to the death in a bonus arena. This doesn’t change who won the match, but the winner of Escape from the Underworld gets extra rewards.

The new character Jing Wei is also coming to consoles. She’s an agile character with a dash ability, wind-based attacks and the passive ability to fly short distances.

The full patch notes are available on the Smite website. This patch comes to Xbox One on April 26 and PlayStation 4 on April 27.


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