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Rocksmith 2014 Gets Some 80’s Hits Added to Its Library

rocksmith 2014

Rocksmith 2014 Gets Some 80’s Hits Added to Its Library

Better tune up.

Rocksmith 2014 has been given much praise since its release for being a game that actually teaches players how to play guitar. The game is arguably far more advanced and realistic than the likes of Guitar Hero and Rockband and allows players to choose a variety of songs to learn.

The library is constantly being updated and the latest additions have been announced. Fans of 80s music will be pleased to learn that new tracks from Extreme, Judas Priest, and Devo are now available to download.

As TheXboxHub reports, the tracks being added are:

  • Extreme – Play With Me
  • Judas Priest – Electric Eye
  • Devo – Girl U Want

The tracks are available to download right now and can either be purchased individually, or for a discounted price as a pack. Developer Ubisoft has been very vigilant when it comes to keeping the game’s library fresh. New songs come out regularly and just recently we got new tracks from Black Label Society and Imagine Dragons.


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