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Somebody Solo’d The Division’s Falcon Lost Incursion on Hard Mode and Made It Look Easy

The Division, Falcon Lost Incursion

Somebody Solo’d The Division’s Falcon Lost Incursion on Hard Mode and Made It Look Easy

It was only a matter of time.

It was only a matter of time right? In any online game there’s always “that guy” that makes everyone else look like incompetent preschoolers by taking something that is supposed to be really hard even with a team, and soloing it like it’s nothing. The Division’s first incursion, Falcon Lost, hasn’t even been out a week yet, but someone has already made mincemeat out of its hard mode seemingly without the use of exploits.

That person is YouTube and Reddit User, Gemini Iceland. Over the weekend, Gemini Iceland posted a video of his/her’s solo run through Falcon Lost, and made it look easy. Gemini Iceland was able to complete it with a 199 gear score. Check out the video below to see for yourself. The video of the run is unedited and runs about 30 minutes, but it’s definitely worth checking out or skimming through if you’re struggling and looking to see how it’s done (or done more efficiently if you’ve already beaten it).

What was Gemini Iceland’s loadout you might ask? At the end of the video, at around the 29:30 mark, Gemini Iceland shows off what gear was used. Notably, the First Wave M1A with a gear score of 204 was used with the Balanced talent, which Gemini Iceland mentions in a Reddit post about the video is “a little OP.” Gemini Iceland also used the Tactical AUG A3P.

It may hurt our hearts to watch it handled with such ease, but at least it’s out there now for people to learn. Many have chosen to sprinkle a little cheese on their Falcon Lost runs by taking advantage of glitches to make it easier. However, Ubisoft has warned that punishment could be levied on those who use them. So with that, it might be in your best interest fine reader to take some notes from Gemini Iceland, and try to run it the right way if you aren’t already.

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