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Blizzard Would like Overwatch DLC to Be Free

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Blizzard Would like Overwatch DLC to Be Free

Blizzard may be bucking popular pricing trends again with their plans for free Overwatch DLC.

When Blizzard announced that their upcoming team-based FPS Overwatch will release at full retail price, the news was met with some shock from industry insiders who had felt that they would surely follow the free-to-play model that helped make the similar Team Fortress 2 so successful.

While Overwatch may be launching under a more traditional retail model, a recent interview with Overwatch’s Assistant Game Director Aaron Keller suggests that “free” may be a part of the game’s future after all.

In an interview with Attack of the Fanboy, Keller noted that Blizzard already has plans for upcoming Overwatch DLC that includes new maps and heroes. He also mentioned that, at present, Blizzard would “like all of those to be free when they’re released.” Keller goes on to emphasize the importance of heroes in Overwatch, and how the team feels that it’s important that all players have access to heroes when they debut.

Although this is no guarantee that all future Overwatch DLC will be free, it would represent a major departure from the character release model of popular MOBA games, which Overwatch also models elements of its gameplay after. Should more information become available that helps to clarify Blizzard’s intent regarding specific upcoming DLC, we will be sure to update you at that time.

Overwatch is set for release on May 24th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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This post was originally written by Matthew Byrd.

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