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Update: Gfinity CEO Based Xbox One Sales Figures off Other Published Sources


Update: Gfinity CEO Based Xbox One Sales Figures off Other Published Sources

Could this be true?


Since posting the original story Gfinity has reached out to us to state that they have not sought to confirm Microsoft sales figures. CEO Neville Upton’s comments were in fact based on the public estimates already made by others earlier this year. The company would like to reiterate it is not aware of the actual figure.

Original Story:

eSports group, Gfinity’s CEO, Neville Upton, has seemingly let slip the number of Xbox One’s sold to date in a recent comment.

Upton unintentionally revealed the number of 18 million Xbox One’s sold during a press release that was intended to publicise an eSports tournament app that is due to come to the Xbox One.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our Tournament Builder App on Xbox One,” Upton said, “which will enhance the Gfinity offering and enable us to reach Xbox One’s 18 million users globally.”

If this figure is to be believed, that would put the Microsoft’s console quite a way behind Sony’s PlayStation 4. In fact, it would seem that the PlayStation 4 is outselling the Xbox One two-to-one when comparing this sales figure against those that Sony revealed for the PS4 back in January of 36 million. Regardless of this difference, the console generation as a whole is still selling incredibly well, totaling just over 54 million units in two and a half years. That is of course, if these figures are accurate.

However, according to a Microsoft representative, the number of units sold is no longer the way that Microsoft intends to measure success. In a statement given by a Microsoft representative when talking to GameSpot. “Since Microsoft’s FY16 Q1 earnings report in October 2015, we’ve shifted the way we measure success by focusing on monthly active users on Xbox Live.”

This, instead allows Microsoft to see just how many people are signing into the online service within the past month, allowing them to gain a better idea into how people engage with their consoles following the purchase.

What do you make of these sales figures according to Upton? Let us know in the comments below.


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