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Enter the Gungeon: How to Get a Sword

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Enter the Gungeon: How to Get a Sword

In frenzied bullet-hell shooter, Enter the Gungeon, you’d think that getting a sword would be absolutely detrimental to the entire experience, right? You’d be wrong. Some of the coolest weapons you can find in the dungeon are the abstract ones, and the swords are no stranger to this list.

However, much like unlocking the Co-Op mode, there are a few hoops you’re going to have to jump through.

To unlock the sword, which is called Blasphemy, you’re going to have to unlock the secret character, The Bullet. The Bullet is unlocked by finding random and rare mobs in the Gungeon called Bullet Kin, smaller versions of the standard bullet enemy. Some of these Bullet Kin will be wearing a red cape and wielding a pistol, and what you have to do is kill everything in the room, and leave these enemies alive. You will be able to tell which ones they are because they are totally passive, and will not attack you.

After this is completed, stand still for 10 seconds, and the Kin will dissapear. If you get the chance to do this 5 times, you will unlock The Bullet character.

Enter The Gungeon

The Bullet character’s starting item is Blasphemy, the sword you’ve been searching for, and it is swung to damage enemies and destroy incoming bullets. On top of this, when at full health, it fires out a piercing projectile, just like Link’s sword in The Legend of Zelda.

The Bullet also starts with Live Ammo, a passive item that provides immunity to contact damage and adds damage when dodge rolling into enemies. As you might be able to tell, The Bullet is a pretty unorthodox character in Enter the Gungeon, and adds a completely new dynamic to the game.

To unlock the sword for the other characters in the hub, you have to beat High Dragun (the boss of The Forge) as The Bullet. After that, you can find Blasphemy in random chests throughout the Gungeon as any of the other characters.

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