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Dark Souls III Patch 1.04 Available April 18


Dark Souls III Patch 1.04 Available April 18

Weapon adjustments galore.

Dark Souls III will be getting a brand new patch on April 18, almost a week after launching in the Western hemisphere.

The patch, titled 1.04 for console players or 1.03.1 for PC players, is generally aimed at adjusting weapons, with the Greatsword, Soul’s Greatsword, Farron Flashsword and the Winged Knight Twinaxes all being addressed. You can see the full patch notes below:

Dark Souls III Patch 1.04 Changelog:

  • Performance adjustment for the Greatsword.
  • Battle performance adjustment for the Dancer’s Enchanted Sword and the Winged Knight Twinaxes.
  • Performance adjustment for Soul’s Greatsword and Farron Flashsword.
  • Fix for issue where multiple items became impossible to use at the Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep and Cathedral of the Deep.
  • General balance adjustments and bug fixes.

Patch 1.04 will be made available for the PlayStation 4 on April 18 at 7AM Pacific Time, and for Xbox One users on the same date between 5AM and 8AM Pacific Time. On the PC, From Software have confirmed that patch 1.03.1 will also be available for download on April 18, but at the slightly earlier time of 2AM Pacific Time.

Dark Souls III released this past week on April 12, and our review can be found here.

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