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Sony to Reject All PSVR Games That Don’t Hit 60FPS or Higher


Sony to Reject All PSVR Games That Don’t Hit 60FPS or Higher

The journey to 60 frames per second.

During a PlayStation VR presentation at the Game Developer’s Conference yesterday, senior staff engineer Chris Norden set some strict guidelines for all developers hoping to work with Sony’s new virtual reality headset, including plans to reject all games that don’t hit a minimum of 60 frames per second.

Speaking to a crowd at the presentation, Norden didn’t mince words over the issue, saying: “I know I’m going to get flagged for this but there’s no excuse for not hitting framerate. You cannot drop below 60 fps. Period. Ever. I can’t stress that enough.

“If you submit a game to us and you drop down to 30 or 35 or 51 we’re probably going to reject it,” Norden said. However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom, as Norden explained that Sony is very willing to help out during the process and they will be previewing games.

“We’re going to play your game and look for technical correctness,” Norden said. “We’re going to provide you a report that calls out possible nausea triggers, find places where you’re dropping framerate and where you’ve got stutters in your tracking.

“We’re going to feed that back to you very early in your cycle so that you can adjust your design iteration if you need to, get your technical guys working with our engineers to help you optimize, and just clean up the game and make it as smooth a VR experience as possible. We’re not going to require this, but we’re strongly recommending that everybody submitting a PlayStation VR title take advantage of this.”

Norden emphasized his expertise in the field, revealing his team looked at almost every single PSVR demo that was brought to GDC and helped to improve the experiences on offer.

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