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Oculus Rift Launch Units Come With a Third Free Game

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Oculus Rift Launch Units Come With a Third Free Game

It’s a good time to be a launch unit owner!

With Oculus Rift virtual reality units finally being delivered this week, Oculus decided to surprise soon-to-be owners with the news that they will get another game for free.

Alongside the expensive new headset, launch unit owners will also get a new title called Farlands completely free of charge. Farlands is a VR-experience created by Oculus and built specifically for use with the Rift headset. Farlands is a unique experience in which new content will arrive every day.

Players will assume the role of an explorer on an alien planet and will be tasked with discovering and documenting all of the flora and fauna found on the planet, as well as ensure that they can survive out there. New content will take the form of new species, plant life and more every day.

Farlands is available to download from the Oculus Store now.

Do you have an Oculus Rift making its way to you sometime this week? Or maybe yours has arrived? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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