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Quantum Break Wiki Guide – Tips, How to, Tricks, and More

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Quantum Break Wiki Guide – Tips, How to, Tricks, and More

Remedy Entertainment has returned with another realm bending experience for players to experience in Quantum Break. This time you’ll have control over time itself. Bend it to your will, use it as both a shield and a weapon, and find out why its breaking down around you to begin with.  Quantum Break provides a deep story about time and what can happen if you muddy its flow. Players will experience the story between the game itself and through a live-action tie-in show that provides the antagonist’s point of view.

The world as you know it is crumbling around you as time loses its hold. Only you, as jack Joyce, have the power to fix it.

“When time breaks, catastrophe becomes your playground. As hero Jack Joyce, you’ll fight your way through epic disasters that stutter back and forth in time. But surviving this unstable world–and halting the end of time itself–is only possible by mastering your new time powers.”

  • Release Date: Apr. 5, 2016
  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment
  • Publisher: Microsoft Studios
  • Platforms: Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Third-Person Shooter



Check back for more updates to this wiki with guides and tips!

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