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Quantum Break: Best Skills Upgrades You Should Get


Quantum Break: Best Skills Upgrades You Should Get

Throughout Quantum Break, players will unlock six different Time powers that will help them on their journey. Each of the abilities are necessary for one thing or another, whether it’s defense, offense, or just a bit of help with solving environmental puzzles.

As players progress, they will start discovering Chronon Sources. These orbs of time are Upgrade Points (UP) that can be collected and used to upgrade Jack Joyce’s, the protagonist, powers. With several options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what to upgrade first, and what skills to focus on.

If you collect all of the Chronon Sources you’ll be able to fully upgrade everything at the very end of the game, but by then upgrades are useless. The middle of the game houses the biggest challenges with the exception being the final encounter. So there are some Time powers you’ll definitely want to focus on first.

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