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Here Is Dark Souls III’s First 30 Minutes of Gameplay

dark souls III

Here Is Dark Souls III’s First 30 Minutes of Gameplay

That first boss will be a real pain.

Dark Souls III is set to be one brutal experience. For players wondering if the upcoming sequel to one of the most challenging RPGs ever released would ease you in, the answer is no. In the first 30 minutes of gameplay players will face off against multiple enemies including a giant crystallized lizard-type monster.

Dark Souls III also wastes no time in throwing players right into a huge boss battle. The hulking knight, Judex Grundyr, wields an impossibly long halberd as he swipes at you from afar. Just when the player thinks he/she has the hang of battle, it transforms into a ashen monstrosity made up of smoke and darkness.

Words can’t do the gloriously violent gameplay justice so check out the trailer gameplay for yourself:

After defeating the challenging boss, players are treated to the bonfire that houses the portals to the world. There’s also a bit of insight given to the adventure that awaits.

Dark Souls III will releas on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12. Those in Japan will be able to face death themselves a few weeks earlier on March 24. Are you ready for the challenge that lies ahead?

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