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Hitman Shows You the Beginning of Agent 47 With a Beta Launch Trailer

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Hitman Shows You the Beginning of Agent 47 With a Beta Launch Trailer

See where it all started.

Hitman has been undergoing some changes recently, when it was announced the game would be turning episodic last month. The beta for the new game from Square Enix and IO Interactive is set to launch this week, and a trailer has been released ahead of it.

The trailer focuses on the dawn of Agent 47, how he’s recruited by the ICA and his first meeting with long-time handler, Diana Burnwood. The beta is set 20 years in the past, and will take place in a a top secret ICA training facility.

Pre-ordering the game will guarantee you access to the beta launching February 12 on PS4, and February 19 on PC. Hitman is getting a Collectors Edition that will net you Agent 47’s tie among other things, and the game will have six exclusive missions on PS4.

The first part of the game will launch on March 11, with a prologue missions and Paris location. More locations will soon follow after. You can purchase the first portion with the prologue and Paris for $15, and then purchase all subsequent releases for $10 each. There’s also an option to buy the full experience in a bundle for $60.

Make sure to watch the new trailer below. Have you pre-ordered Hitman yet? Are you looking forward to playing the beta, or are you holding off until you hear a little more about the game? Let us know in the comments.


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