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Firewatch’s In-Game Maps Are Now Available for Printing


Firewatch’s In-Game Maps Are Now Available for Printing

Navigation time!

If you’ve been aching for a new way to play Firewatch, Campo Santo just gave it to you. The developers published an announcement on their official blog, showing off two versions of the game’s printable maps. One is a clean version, and the other is a textured version to make it feel like it’s been roughed out in the wilds for a bit.

“A few people have asked for copies of Firewatch’s map to print out and use in real life when playing the game. If you play games with someone next to you on the couch, print this out and hand it to them, and your formerly disinterested couch-sharer is magically transformed into an officially engrossed Firewatch Navigator And Map Scribbler. (If you just want something to put up on your wall, you can do that too.)”

It sounds like a pretty cool way to experience the game all over again. You can also turn off your in-game location marker to feel like you’re really lost in the wilderness, with only the map to guide you. The developers also suggest making your own notes and markings on the map so you won’t get too lost trying to navigate Henry. As for me, I think I’ll just print one out for my wall.

Will you be replaying Firewatch with these printable maps? Let us know in the comments down below.

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