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Far Cry Primal: How to Get a Cluster of Bees

far cry primal cluster of bees

Far Cry Primal: How to Get a Cluster of Bees

Bears love their honey.

Cluster of Bees is a resource that you’ll need in order to craft a certain throwable in Far Cry Primal. Along with some animal hide, you can combine this item to create a Sting Bomb. This useful items unleashes a small swarm of angry bees that can kill weaker enemies and will distract more powerful foes long enough for you to take them down.

Unfortunately, a Cluster of Bees can oftentimes be difficult to find. They usually are high up on trees, located inland, so be sure to stay away from water. Shooting at them can cause a problem if you’re close, so only do so from long range if need be. If you’re still having trouble, another method can be to tame a bear.

You’ll need the Tame Apex Predators skill from the Beast Master tree in order to tame bears. It costs three skill points, requires Tensay’s Hut to be level two, and you’ll need to have tamed eight different beasts already. The bear has a special skill that allows it to search for items whenever you’re stand still for a few seconds. It can even provide resources that you can’t see in your immediate area.

Whether or not it’s due to the fact that bears love honey, they seem to find Cluster of Bees fairly often. So it doesn’t hurt to have a bear join you on your adventure, the fact that you can learn to ride them is an added bonus.

Pray to your totems that your enemies are allergic to bees and let those Sting Bombs fly. If you need help with any other aspects of this game’s cruel world, be sure to check out our expanding wiki guide.

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