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Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Unlock Lightning


Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Unlock Lightning

“I control my fate!”

In order to unlock Lightning’s Magicite, you must earn a total of 100,000 CP. You’ll be gaining CP all the time through completing both Main Quests and Subquests, so just keep plugging away until you’ve got 100,000. Once you’ve reached that threshold, go talk to the Migrant Moogle Merchant on the eastern side of the hub (he’s the moogle that isn’t there all the time) and he’ll hand over Lightning’s Magicite.

It is important to note that you must have learned the Trance ability before you can obtain character Magicite and transform.

While in a Trance as Lightning you can use the Gestalt Drive technique if it appears in the Crystal Surge ability list.

Lightning Farron first appeared in Final Fantasy XIII as a renegade soldier, on a mission to save her sister from Fal’cie enslavement. In doing so, she becomes branded as a l’cie herself, and must work with similarly afflicted people to complete their Focus and protect their loved ones. Her epic story spans three games in total, with Final Fantasy XIII placing 12th in our ranking of the best Final Fantasy games.

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