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Could This Be the Weirdest PS3 Controller Ever?


Could This Be the Weirdest PS3 Controller Ever?

Beauty comes in many shapes

Do you remember how weird the Nintendo 64 controller was when you first held it inside your grubby little hands?

Turns out that controller is still one of the best around but definitely a weird one, now how about this awkward looking Playstation 3 controller found in the wild by Reddit user Gil2g:

PS3 generic controller

It’s called the KidzPLAY Wireless Adventure Game Pad — a bit of a mouthful wouldn’t you say?

From its Amazon description it’s “Specifically designed with ease of use and comfort in mind for the younger gamer, this fully featured controller can also be used as a desktop mini arcade stick during game play.” Which is a bit weird considering how tiny the DualShock 3 is anyway, but hey — at least the controller has rubber grips!

It also comes in blue!

PS3 WTF controller

Now what if you’re child wants to play a racing game on the Playstation 3? Well you’re in luck because KIDZPlay also makes this bad boy:

Kids PS3 Controller

It seems with these controllers, the fun will never stop. Hopefully we can see gamers use these controllers while playing Dark Souls or Street Fighter for an added challenge, if you do let us know in the comments below!


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