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Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Shows off Its Stylish Action With a New Trailer

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Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Shows off Its Stylish Action With a New Trailer

The next warriors game looks gorgeous.

Koei Tecmo has been on a roll lately with adapting popular game and anime franchises to their formula. The newest series to get the “warriors” treatment is an anime called The Heroic Legend of Arslan. The anime is adapted from a manga series by the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist, and the manga series is actually adapted from a popular Japanese novel series from the 1980’s.

A new trailer released for the upcoming game shows off the fast-paced warriors action we’re used to, but also gives us a glimpse at some crazy looking special moves that involve entire armies. Arslan is done in an absolutely gorgeous cel-shaded art style that really makes the game look almost like the anime itself. The video also provides a quick description of the world and story of Arslan in its description, if you’re unfamiliar with what the series is a about.

“It tells the story of the young crown prince of Pars, Arslan, as he is forced out of his kingdom when his father, the king, is betrayed and defeated and his domain conquered. Arslan and his few companions must reassemble an army and fight against overwhelming odds to regain his throne and liberate his kingdom. Through his exploits he reaches emotional maturity, while the series also tackles underlying issues of slavery, religious fanaticism, betrayal, and humanity.”

Koei Tecmo also has an Attack on Titan game in the works right now, and a dark action game called Ni-Oh. Arslan: The Warriors of Legend will launch on February 9, 2016. The game will be available both physically and digitally on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and digitally on PlayStation 3 and Steam on PC. Make sure to take a look at the new trailer below.

What do you think about Arslan: The Warriors of Legend? Is the game on your radar, or are you holding out for the rush of spring games? Are there any other anime series you’d like to see Koei Tecmo adapt into video games? Let us know in the comments below.


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