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ESPN to Cover eSports With “Same Rigor” as Football


ESPN to Cover eSports With “Same Rigor” as Football

The sports conglomerate is launching a major competitive gaming initiative.

The eSports scene quickly growing and seeing support from more games all the time. Earlier this month Activision CEO Bobby Kotick announced that he wanted to build “the ESPN of eSports,” after the company purchased Major League Gaming. Well it turns out there might already be and ESPN of eSports, and that’s the actual ESPN.

Today, the sports network giant has rolled out an entire section of their website dedicated to competitive gaming called ESPN eSports. Although they haven’t confirmed everything they have planned for the section, they’ll have dedicated segments dedicated to news and coverage on various competitive games. There’s three games listed for coverage right now, Hearthstone, League of Legends and Dota 2. According to the LA Times, the network is also interested in airing more eSports and having their own Twitch broadcasts.

ESPN has hired three new writers dedicated to the gaming scene, who will make regular appearances on ESPN shows like “SportsCenter.” Editor-in-chief of ESPN and ESPN The Magazine talked to the LA Times about the company’s new initiative,

“The storyline was so compelling that we decided there was no reason we shouldn’t be doing this on a daily basis with the same rigor we cover the National League Football or other sports.”

This is nothing but good news for anyone who likes video games and the competitive scene, and it will certainly be interesting to see where the network goes with its coverage. Between Activision and ESPN the coverage scene for eSports is certainly looking busier every day.

What do you think of ESPN’s new launch into competitive gaming? Are you looking forward to seeing what they do, or do you plan on staying with the current ways you view eSports? Let us know what you think down in the comments.


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