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Konami Has Forbade Hideo Kojima From Discussing Split


Konami Has Forbade Hideo Kojima From Discussing Split

Konami gonna Konami.

It’s no secret anymore that Konami and famed game developer Hideo Kojima have had a falling out recently. As such, you can be sure the internet has been abuzz with rumors on what exactly could have caused the split. With Kojima’s departure from the company, he is, at least, released from his employee contract, and is already putting his next endeavors in motion with the newly assembled Kojima Productions, all the while looking as badass as ever. This is how you do a break up.

Despite all this, however, in a recent interview with The New Yorker, Kojima did reveal that he would not be able to divulge any details on the split with Konami. His employment contract has expired, but he is still contractually forbidden from discussing whatever went on exactly. From an outside perspective, every detail, or lack thereof, only makes Konami look more and more like that one crazy ex. This entire debacle has been a PR nightmare for them, and fact that they’re forcing Kojima to keep his mouth shut isn’t doing them any favors.

There’s no telling when we’ll finally know everything that happened, but we’re just glad he’s in a better place now. Seriously, at this point, any place other than with Konami seems like heaven. Outer Heaven, I guess.

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