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Excitebike and Birdo are Coming to Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker

Excitebike and Birdo are Coming to Super Mario Maker

Now you can die in player created levels as Excitebike and Birdo.

Nintendo has announced that they’ll be adding a Birdo and Excitebike skin to Super Mario Maker on Dec. 31. The news was revealed on Nintendo’s YouTube account but players are going to have to beat some new course events first.

Excitebike has been part of Nintendo since the NES era and the new skin looks like it’s going to be faithful to the original game, sound effects included.

Unlike the Excitebike costume, the Birdo skin is a brand new sprite, presumably because Birdo’s original sprite from Super Mario Bros. 2 is too tall. Also, while Birdo doesn’t appear to be able to shoot eggs, Birdo seems to be able to taunt if Birdo’s video is anything to go by.

So are you looking forward to playing as Birdo and Excitebike this New Years Eve? Let us know in the comments below.

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