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XCOM’s Long War Mod Creators Form New Studio

XCOM Long War Mod

XCOM’s Long War Mod Creators Form New Studio

Plans to use Kickstarter for new game.

The creators of the Long War mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown have announced that they are forming their own development company called Long War Studios.

While they have been officially a company since August of this year, only today they have announced the news publicly. It coincides with the final release of the Long War mod from the team for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Now that the Long War mod has been completed, they have announced that work has started on a game called Terra Invicta. It has a similar premise to XCOM, with it being a strategy game where you have to unite the world to fight against an impending alien attack. They mention that the player will need to acquire scientists, politicians, military leaders, and operatives to help in their goal. They have said that there will be a Kickstarter for the game, so we will learn more about the game there.

Long War for XCOM: Enemy Unknown is by far the most downloaded mod for the game on Nexus Mods. It overhauls many areas of the base game, including extending the main campaign, adding new technology to use in missions, and adding a wider variety of classes for the soldiers. You will need the XCOM: Enemy Within expansion to be able to use the mod, although it is currently 75% off on Steam during the Winter Sale.

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