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Crackdown 3 Celebrates the Holidays with Some Concept Art

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Crackdown 3 Celebrates the Holidays with Some Concept Art

Be merry, Agent!

The holidays are soon upon us, and Crackdown 3 is celebrating in a rather interesting way. Reagent Games has released a cute holiday card of two Agents decorating a Christmas tree. One of them even looks like Santa! (Agent Claus? Santa Agent?)


You may think this is a simple holiday card, right? You’d be wrong, Agent. Clicking each Orb on the tree also reveals some concept art, from environment designs to sneak peaks of the Agency’s new vehicles and armor. It’s all pretty cool, but you know what’d make it even cooler? Some gameplay or information on that beta. You can check out the concept art in the gallery below.

Crackdown 3 blows up on the Xbox One next year.

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