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Upcoming Destiny Update Includes Changes for Sunbreakers and Other Titans

destiny Sunbreaker

Upcoming Destiny Update Includes Changes for Sunbreakers and Other Titans

Is a nerf incoming?

Bungie has announced today via their weekly update that some kind of change for the controversial Sunbreaker class is incoming. Many players since Destiny: The Taken King released back in September, have voiced their opinion that the Sunbreaker class is too powerful, especially in PvP modes.  It is unknown whether this change will be a “nerf” or some kind tweak that levels the playing field. In addition, changes to the Defender and Striker subclasses are incoming as well.

Tomorrow, Destiny’s Senior Design Lead Sage Merrill, will reveal the developer’s findings on the Sunbreaker class and reveal more information about all the updates to the Titan class that are incoming:

“Ever since their Solar brothers and sisters entered the explosive mix of Destiny with the arrival of The Taken King, they’ve been quite the hot topic of conversation. Even before the first fiery salvo landed in someone’s face, there has been plenty of feedback about our armored friends. While we’re making some adjustments to Sunbreakers in Update 2.1.0, we won’t be leaving Strikers and Defenders out in the cold this winter.

Tomorrow (Friday, December 4th), we’ll have a new preview article on the Updates portion of the blog. There, you’ll find Senior Design Lead Sage Merrill holding court and delivering developer commentary about what will befall every Titan next week. Expects stats and insights for each subclass.”

We’ve long felt here at Twinfinite that some of the older subclasses could use some tweaking. Hopefully, Bungie doesn’t go overboard nerfing the Sunbreaker into the ground and instead, more effort is spent on bringing the Defender, and especially the Striker, back up to par.

Finally, there are changes planned to some inventory items that have become increasingly useless. The previously mentioned changes to items that are accepted for material exchange should also be included in the December update.

Are you a heartbroken Sunbreaker or is the potential nerf necessary? Let us know in the comments.

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