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Witcher 3: How to Beat Ofieri Mage (Hearts of Stone)


Witcher 3: How to Beat Ofieri Mage (Hearts of Stone)

He’s one tough cookie.

How to Beat the Ofieri Mage in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

After your encounter with the fearsome Toad Prince at the beginning of The Witcher 3’s expansion, Hearts of Stone, you will be treated to quite a bit of story. Geralt of Rivia will come across one of the main characters, find himself in a tricky situation, and be cast out to sea. Why? Well you’ll have to play to find out, but before you can continue on, you’ll have to deal with a few enemies that will not give up without a fight. Here’s how to beat the Ofieri Mage in The Witcher 3.

Geralt will find himself on a beach with most of his gear with the exception of his chest armor, guantlets, and silver sword. Here, there will be several Ofieri soldiers (two of which use shields) and an Ofieri Mage who is one tough cookie.

Before you can even attack the mage, you must first take out each of the soldiers which can prove to be challenging because they swarm you while the Ofieri Mage continuously casts his powerful spells. While in combat with soldiers, he will rely on one particular attack, a powerful geyser of sand will erupt from beneath your feet, launching you into the air and doing massive damage. You can mitigate some of the hurt by rolling as soon as you hit the ground, but it’s much better to keep an eye out for gathering dust clouds on the ground, they are the telltale sign that the Ofieri Mage is about to attack.

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Focus on the guards. Use your parry to quickly take out each and every one of them (block right before their hits make contact). They aren’t especially strong, but since there are so many, they can easily take you out. Pay no attention to the mage. You cannot do any damage at the moment anyway, so there is no point in wasting your time.

Once all of the guards are disposed of, the real fight begins. The Ofieri Mage is new to the Hearts of Stone expansion, and is extremely powerful. Ranged attacks are useless since this enemy will instantly deflect them back at you (potentially causing serious damage if you used something like a bomb). The Ofieri mage has a decent arsenal of ranged abilities, as well as a staff that he will beat you senseless with if given the chance.

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