Magikarp Will Win Your Heart in This Official Music Video Made by the Pokemon Company

Pokemon, Magikarp, annoying

Just wait until he reaches level 20.

The Pokemon Company is fully aware how worthless and weak the Pokemon ‘Magikarp’ can be. Magikarp is a water Pokemon that only knows the move Splash in his early levels, making him a pretty useless member of any Pokemon trainers team – until he gets to level 20 and evolves into Gyrados that is.

The Pokemon Company has created the cutest music video that honors Magikarp and shows how much we love him despite his useless battle moves.

The ode to the fish Pokemon was just released this weekend and has already garnered tons of attention – having more than 1 million views. If you have any sort of feelings about Magikarp, this video will definitely give you the feels and might make you love Magikarp if you don’t already.

You can listen to the best song ever right here on the official YouTube channel for the Pokemon Company:


How’d you guys feel about the lyrics? Do you have a new-found appreciation for the poor fish? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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