Troy Baker Addresses Fans’ Concerns Over Last of Us Part II, Almost Didn’t Audition for Joel

troy baker

They’ve got this.

Everyone was surprised to see a Last of Us Part II at the PlayStation Experience earlier today, but others were also confused or upset. The original game in 2013 ended on a rather divisive note, but felt like a pretty self contained story that had no real opening for sequel. Clearly, that’s not what happened, and at the panel for the game, Troy Baker (who once again plays Joel, but isn’t the player character) decided to address that.

Baker admitted that Joel is the one character he played that he’s missed the most, and says that the game changed his life as an actor, along with those of the Naughty Dog employees. He recalled the moment where he nearly didn’t audition for Joel in the original game because he felt that he wasn’t right for the character. It was to the point where he nearly walked out of the audition, only to stop when his name was called, and Baker cited that moment as when he learned to let go of fear, saying “Don’t let fear be the reason why you don’t do something,” which was met with massive applause.

Troy Baker admits that it’s scary to return to the Last of Us universe because they’ve got their “hearts open,” but he asks the audience to “trust us,trust everybody that we know what we’re doing”. After the applause, a fan screams that she loves him, at which point Baker responds that he loves them.

Last of Us Part II comes to the PS4 sometime in the future.

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