Nintendo NX Probably Can’t Compete With PS4 Pro or Scorpio, but It Doesn’t Care

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The PS4 Pro is just two months away, and next holiday season we’ll get Project Scorpio, the 4K and VR capable Xbox One. These aren’t new consoles, but instead are being released as mid-generation upgrades. They’ll both continue with the same libraries you’ve already invested in while offering new ways to enjoy all of the content in the pipeline. There is another console coming out between those two as well: the Nintendo NX.

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Unlike what’s coming out of Sony and Microsoft, the Nintendo NX is a brand-new console which is coming about due to the failure that is the Wii U. A shoddy message and some stiff competition really left Nintendo in a tight spot, but it seems like the company is learning a new approach that will help cement their success.

The focus may currently be on the now dominant members of the “Big Three,” but it’s clear to see that Nintendo still has ways to stand out and shine even between these two powerhouses. 

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