Get into the Spirit Early with Azure Striker Gunvolt’s New Christmas Mode


Developers Inti Creates has released a new trailer showing off Azure Striker Gunvolt’s new Christmas mode, which was added earlier today as part of the games third monthly update on Steam.

The new Christmas mode brings a little bit of Christmas into the game, as it changes up the gameplay a bit by adding collectable presents, a new song and ice physics. Christmas mode also turns the game into a “winter wonderland,” to quote Gunvolts Steam page. Christmas mode will also come with its own leaderboards which will rank players on how many presents that they collect so get collecting.

Unfortunately, Inti Create hasn’t revealed if the Christmas mode will be coming to the 3DS version yet. Azure Striker Gunvolt and Mighty Gunvolt are also currently 50% off as part of the Steam Autumn Sale til Dec 2.

So what do you think of Azure Striker Gunvolt’s new Christmas mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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