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Icy Meat Makes Shield Surfing Frictionless Fun in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Trick

Shield Surfing just got a whole lot easier.

Link shield surfing in Zelda Breath of the Wild, with TOTK logo in top left Nintendo

One of the most acclaimed aspects of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been the creativity and innovation allowed by the new Fusing mechanic. It’s made certain aspects of the game much easier – and it’s just done the same for Zelda’s fan favorite shield surfing mechanic.

We’ve already seen how it can make reaching Hyrule’s skies incredibly simple and, on June 1, one Redditor shared their Tears of the Kingdom trick to make shield surfing a frictionless breeze.

“Did you know that you can attach Icy Meat to your shield?” they asked. “Only works with normal and prime meat. Shield surfing basically has no friction now.”

Attached was a video showing the icy-meat-shield in action as a surfing device, with speed and duration increased thanks to the lack of friction and surprising durability of the created item.

It comes with even more bonuses, with the OP explaining: “This is better than an Ice Block because those melt in the heat after a short duration. Icy Meat does not, meaning you can shield surf with basically zero friction until your shield breaks. Makes a cool (pun intended) sound too.”

Making Icy Meat is incredibly simple in TOTK, simply requiring players to drop a form of meat (in this case Normal or Prime) in a cold region, like Hebra. It will freeze because of the sub-zero temperatures and become Icy Meat, with which players can create their own meat shield (I hated writing that as much as you hated reading it) and shield surf to their heart’s content.

We’ve already seen clamor for shield surfing and similar mechanics, with players eager to build Skateboards using TOTK’s new mechanics. This is an even better way to go about it and, because of its ease, is essentially an option for all players.

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