How to Make Xbox One (X)’s Graphics Better

How to Make Xbox One (X)’s Graphics Better

The Xbox One is already a powerful console capable of putting out impressive graphics. However, you might be wondering if there’s a way to make them even better, or just to ensure that you have the best possible settings you can. Let’s break that down for you.

1: Make Sure All Updates Are Installed

The first thing you want to do is make sure you don’t have updates waiting to download for either the Xbox One itself or any of your games. Patches will occasionally be designed to improve the performance or add the ability to play in 4K or higher frame rate. To check, go to My Games & Apps on your Xbox One and head down in the menu until you reach Updates. If there are any games that need to be updated, this is where you’ll be notified. Click the Options button and start the update to queue it up.

2: Calibrate Your HDTV

Next, you can calibrate your HDTV to ensure that your display settings are as set probably to make Xbox One games look as good as they can be. To do that, go to Settings, and then Display & Sound, and then finally Video Output. After you get there, go to Calibrate HDTV and follow the steps on screen. You’re probably going to want to find your TV remote because it’s going to ask you to mess around with your display settings quite a bit to get it right.

3: Upgrade to an Xbox One X

This might seem rather obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that if you don’t have an Xbox One X then many games’ higher graphical settings won’t be available, such as 4K, HDR, and higher framerates. If you’re not sure if you should upgrade to an Xbox One X, you can read our review, which contains comparison guides for you to peruse.

4: If You Have an Xbox One X: Check That 4K and HDR Are Turned On

To check if you’re actually running the Xbox One X to its potential, go back to Display & Sound like you did in the last section.  Once there, you’ll see that there’s a section for  TV resolution. If your TV supports 4K and UHD, you should see 4K UHD as an option for you to select. Make sure that option is checked, then go to Advanced Video Settings and make sure the For Games & Apps setting has check marks for Allow 4K and Allow HDR.

That takes care of things on the Xbox One X’s side, but to make sure that your TV is actually putting out that resolution and using HDR properly, you have one more place to visit. From Advanced Video Settings, go to 4K TV Details. That’s where you’ll see whether or not your TV can handle 4K and HDR and whether it’s putting out both visuals during various points such as while watching TV and movies, playing games, and capturing gameplay. Green check marks will indicate that you are, while anything in yellow is an alert that you’ll need to address and figure out. If you see any yellow, check your TV settings and make sure that you have the ability to play in 4K and HDR and that those settings are turned on. If you’re having trouble, contact your TV manufacturers’ customer service for help on properly setting up.

That does it for how to make Xbox One (X)’s graphics better. Hope this helped!

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