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Who Is Heller’s Voice Actor in Starfield? Answered

To Heller and back.

A lot of Starfield’s post-launch discussion has centered on the game’s companions and crewmates, sometimes helpful and sometimes impressively irritating. Among them is Heller, an Argos Extractors employee and part of the game’s narrative, and his voice is surprisingly distinctive. But who voices Heller in Starfield?

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Starfield Heller Voice Actor: Who They Are and What Else They’re in

In Starfield, Heller is played by Damien C. Haas, a German-born actor who is known for numerous roles across video games.

He actually voices several characters in Starfield. Alongside Heller, IMDB confirms he is the voice actor for Officer Wilkes and a Trident Staryard Officer.

Away from Bethesda’s space epic, he has featured in a number of prominent video games, including Fortnite, The Callisto Protocol, Red Dead Redemption II, and Grand Theft Auto V. He even played Tad Chance in Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn DLC, meaning this is not his first time working with Bethesda. He is also a well-known member of the YouTube channel Smosh’s cast.

Image Credit: Bethesda via Twinfinite

Starfield’s Heller is a miner for Argos Extractors, the former employer of the Spacefarer prior to his recruitment by the Constellation. He can’t be romanced, but he can be very helpful thanks his skills. He boasts Level 1 Geology and Level 3 Outpost Engineering, meaning he can be particularly useful if you’re trying to establish outposts for mining, manufacturing, or anything else.

You’ll come across him in the Back to Vectera mission, so if you want to recruit Damian Haas’ character and enjoy his voice work, that’s the time to do so.

That’s everything on who the voice actor for Heller. For everything else Starfield, including the best early game weapons, check out the related articles down below and stay with us right here at Twinfinite.

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