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Star Wars Fans Are Bringing Infamous Spacecrafts Into Starfield in Epic Fashion

A galaxy far, far away.

There’s a huge amount of customization features in every aspect of Bethesda’s Starfield, including the ship building sections. Players can craft crafts of all varieties, lending themselves to weird and wacky creations.

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However, a lot of fans of another intergalactic IP — the infamous Star Wars saga — have taken to creating infamous ships in Bethesda’s Starfield.

One Star Wars fan, in a much upvoted effort, shared their recreation of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon in Starfield. The Corellian Freighter is spectacularly detailed, with the shape, cockpit, and pincer front all down to a tee.

“The second one is huge, just one block off of max build length. Managed to get 3000 cargo as well,” krunkstep77, the creator, wrote.

Starfield fans elsewhere have tried to emulate other ships from Star Wars, with one TikTok account – spectrexgaming – revealing their “fully operational” X-Wing in Starfield. The craft, most famously used by the Rebel Alliance in the Galactic Civil War, is known for its X-shape and distinctive engines. They’re features spectrexgaming nailed, showcasing it in one of Starfield’s many engrossing space battles.

The creator has also recreated other Star Wars spacecrafts in Starfield, including the Tantive IV that transported Princess Leia and Hera Syndulla’s Ghost craft. Each is certainly accurate to its original model and doesn’t look one jot out of place in Bethesda’s universe.

Given the amount players can do in Starfield, it’s not a surprise to see so many incredible designs already. We’re sure more and more will follow. For everything else Starfield, check out the related content below.

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