Austin Rake in Starfield Rook Meets King Quest
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Should You Kill or Spare Austin Rake in Starfield’s Rook Meets King Quest? Answered

Prove your worth to the Crimson Fleet.

Before you are fully accepted into the Crimson Fleet, you must prove your worth by dealing with the Ragana. Here, you will come across the decision to kill or spare Austin Rake to satisfy the faction’s demands. We’ll show you the various outcomes that can come from this particular choice to determine which option is best for you.

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What Happens If You Choose to Kill or Spare Austin Rake in Starfield Rook Meets King Quest?

The Austin Rake decision in the Rook Meets King mission all comes down to your distinct play style. If you want to remain on the UC SysDef’s good side, you must spare Rake and select the non-violent route when aboard the ship. However, those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty can choose to kill Rake. You can still lie to the Crimson Fleet if you decide to spare Austin, or you can convince them to take you in after saving a member from a few enemy ships.

Sparing Austin Rake

For the sparing route, Dmitiri Moldavski will tell you that he will hide Rake from the faction and provide you with supplies as more evidence.

Dmitri in Starfield Rook Meets King Quest
Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Twinfinite

The UC SysDef will be happy with this decision, and it seems like most companions will favor this pathway over the others.

Killing Rake

When you choose to eliminate Rake, you can either take down the entire Ragana, persuade the crew to kill Austin, or get rid of him yourself. No matter what, the Crimson Fleet will like any of these objectives, but the UC SysDef will be extremely upset about it. You can promise them that you will never do it again, or you can deceive them if you lean more toward the pirate life.

Now that you’ve dealt with Austin Rake in the Rook Meets King quest, you can progress further in the factions by checking out our Ryujin Industries guide. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below to view more Starfield content.

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