How to Recruit Amelia Earhart in Starfield

Has science gone too far?

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We’ve all heard about the tragedy of Amelia Earhart and how she disappeared somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, but how does that explain her appearance in Starfield? Even stranger is that she can tag along as a companion, joining you for your adventures across the stars. Whether she is or isn’t meant to be the real Amelia Earhart is up for debate, but we can at least show you how to recruit Amelia Earhart in Starfield. Buckle in, folks, because it’s a bit of a weird one.

How to Recruit Amelia Earhart as a Companion in Starfield

To find Amelia Earhart in Starfield and recruit her as a companion, you’re going to need to make a long journey. As such, you’ll need to ensure your ship is up to the task before you set out.

  1. Grav jump to the Charybdis system.

    The Charybdis system is located far into the east of the Settled Systems. Be sure that your Jump Range is at least 20 LY to make it from the Zosma system to Charybdis.where-to-find-amelia-earhart-starfield

  2. Travel to Charybdis III and land at Crucible.

    Upon reaching the Charybdis, you’ll automatically get an emergency message, asking you to land on Charybdis III. Check your quest log and tag Operation Starseed as your main quest. You’ll be tasked with exploring a facility on the planet.complete-operation-starseed-to-recruit-amelia-earhart-starfield

  3. Complete Operation Starseed.

    We won’t spoil anything because it’s a really fun quest, but Amelia can’t be recruited until you’ve finished Operation Starseed. However, know this: it’s up to you to decide the fate of the facility there. The only choice that matters most is that you do NOT initiate a Full Project Cleanse. That will result in Amelia’s death.

  4. Speak with Amelia Earhart.

    Once the dust settles and Operation Starseed is completed, go chat with Amelia. She’ll express interest in wanting to travel the stars and asks to join you.

And that’s how you find and recruit Amelia Earhart as a companion in Starfield. It doesn’t really matter how Operation Starseed unfolds for you so long as you avoid a Full Project Cleanse. Her Rank 2 in Piloting and Rifle Certification makes her effective on your ship and on the ground. For more guides, check out the links below for topics like how to complete the Access is Key side quest!

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