How to upgrade carry capacity in Starfield
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How to Increase Carry Capacity in Starfield

Heavy going.

Between the myriad alien monstrosities trying to eat your face off and the savage space pirates attempting to put you six feet under, there’s one other thing you’ll be consistently battling with in Bethesda Game Studios’ cosmic looter-shooter: storage space. As a result, this may lead you to seek out the answer to how to increase carry capacity in Starfield, otherwise known as your inventory size. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s everything you need to know. Let’s go!

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How to Increase Inventory Size in Starfield

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First things first, to increase your carry capacity, you’ll need to invest in the Weight Lifting Skill, which can be found in the Physical skill tree. Fortunately, it’s available from the start of your adventure so you don’t need to worry about unlocking other skills to get to the one you want.

Here’s a breakdown of what each rank of Weight Lifting nets you:

  • Rank 1 – Increase total carrying capacity by 10 kilograms.
  • Rank 2 – Increase total carrying capacity by 25 kilograms.
  • Rank 3 – Increase total carrying capacity by 50 kilograms.
  • Rank 4 – Increase total carrying capacity by 100 kilograms and gain 50% resistance to stagger.

To level up the skill to further ranks, you’re required to sprint while at 75% or more of your maximum load capacity. A progress bar will appear when you’ve reached certain milestones in your progress to ranking up a skill, just to help you know how close you are to increasing your inventory size!

Of course, you’ll also need Skill Points to rank up as well. You’ll earn one Skill Point each time you level up.

Tips to Manage Your Inventory & Loot in Starfield

Outside of investing in the Weight Lifting Skill, you can also carry more weapons and equipment in Starfield with these handy tips:

  • Use your spaceship’s cargo hold to store weapons, equipment, and resources. These cargo holds offer a very large storage space for your loot.
  • Don’t forget to use companions as pack mules. Just speak to them and choose “Let’s trade gear.” Then, you can place items into their inventory, which will help free up some room in yours. Companions often have quite large carrying capacities. For instance, Sarah Morgan can carry up to an additional 135 kilograms!
  • Make sure to visit merchants often to offload your unwanted loot. For example, Jemison Mercantile on the planet Jemison and Shepherd’s General Store on planet Akila are perfect candidates as they buy and sell all types of items. This will help to keep your inventory free of junk, while also snagging you plenty of credits to boot.

And on that note, we conclude our guide on how to increase carry capacity in Starfield. For more, why not check out our further coverage down below. And for everything else, you’re in the perfect place at Twinfinite.

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