Valorant Agent Voice Line Quiz

Valorant Agent Voice Lines Quiz; Can You Name Which Agents Said These Lines?

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There’s no denying that Riot Games has proved itself a master of creating unique and interesting characters, and Valorant boasts one of the most colorful and exciting rosters in any video game. All of the personalities are memorable, and each brings its own unique flavor to add diversity and intrigue to the universe.

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But how familiar are you with Valorant’s 22 Agents and their voice lines? Could you name who said what if you were challenged to do so? Well, let’s find out. Keep in mind this quiz features lines from Valorant’s newest Agent, Gekko, so let’s hope you’ve unlocked him!

Here we’ve compiled 18 of our favorite Agent voice lines, and it’s your job to piece together who you think says them. We’ll award you with a Valorant rank based on your score. Good luck!

Valorant Agent Voice Lines Quiz; Can You Name the Agents Who Said These Lines?

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