Think You Know the Punisher? Take This Trivia Quiz to Find Out

Now, let's see just how well you do.

After Charlie Cox’s Daredevil made his MCU debut in She-Hulk, many fans anticipated more Netflix Marvel characters to reappear in the MCU as well. The Punisher seemed the least likely to find his way under the Disney banner. Although there are questions surrounding the tone and maturity of Disney’s take on the vigilante anti-hero, there is no question Jon Bernthal should return and play the character.

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If there is one thing the MCU excels at (especially against the DCU), it is perfectly casting relatively under-the-radar actors that fans can’t imagine someone else better in the role. It’s safe to say Punisher fans, even with some lingering trepidation, grew excited when news recently broke that Jon Bernthal would reprise the role. His return and MCU debut take place around spring 2024 when the 18-episode Daredevil: Born Again series releases on Disney+.

Many new fans were first introduced to Marvel’s Punisher on Netflix, but his comic character holds one of the most iconic looks with a comics history dating decades long. Maybe you know him from movies and television? Maybe you know him from the comics? Think you know the Punisher? Take this trivia quiz to find out. Now, let’s see just how well you do.

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Think You Know the Punisher Trivia Quiz

Take this trivia quiz to find out

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