This Simple Apex Legends Trick is the Perfect Counter to the Infamous Forced Reload Exploit

A temporary reprieve.

L-STAR EMG on Apex Legends Broken Moon background Image Source: EA

Apex Legends players – especially those with a penchant for the game’s Ranked mode – have been dismayed and frustrated in recent days by an ‘infinite reload’ hack that is ruining matches for the average player. While a fix is coming, there’s a simple trick players can use in the meantime to counter the infamous reload hack in Apex Legends

The issue, as it sounds, sees hacking players force enemies into consecutive reloads, even when their weapon has plenty of ammo left in its magazine. 

However, one Redditor has figured out a fix that can be used temporarily. Specifically, players should always try and carry a L-STAR EMG. The reason is that the L-STAR possesses a slightly different reload animation to most weapons and, resultantly, breaks players out of the infinite reload cycle that is more than likely to see them eliminated.

As the player’s video demonstrated, their R-301 was plagued by the infinite reloading, but pulling out the L-STAR and reloading it quickly nipped the cycle in the bud. 

While it’s certainly less than ideal for players to take up a weapon slot, it’s certainly preferable to being eliminated as a result of enemies manipulating the game and cheating. 

As previously mentioned, Respawn have confirmed a proper fix for the bug will drop in-game soon. 

On March 3, dev Conor Ford confirmed there is a fix for the “force reload exploit”. Unfortunately, he didn’t give a specific date beyond the week commencing March 6. 

In the meantime, then, the L-STAR fix seems most appropriate for players subjected to the hack. 

Season 16 of Respawn’s battle royale propelled the game to new heights in terms of concurrent players, a trend the devs will certainly be hoping to continue when Season 17 drops. Fixing widespread exploits like this are a good start. 

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