This Resident Evil 4 Remake Village Intro Skip Is Actually Genius

Bingo time came early.

Image Source: Capcom

The Resident Evil games have always been a speedrunner’s paradise, and it looks like Resident Evil 4 Remake is no different either. The game features one of the most iconic intro sequences the series has ever seen: the village attack.

In this sequence, you’re tasked with surviving for as long as possible –no mean feat, as the villagers are relentless, and one hit from the chainsaw-wielding Dr. Salvador will result in an immediate Game Over. However, Reddit user u/Tactical_Banter has discovered a new skip for this sequence, and we gotta say, it’s pretty ingenius.

Essentially, once the attack starts, you’ll want to head to the second floor of the house with the shotgun, pop out the window on the right, then shoot the church bell from there. You can check out the skip in action here.

It’s worth noting that it’s likely impossible to pull off this skip on a fresh file, as Leon will only have the handgun and shotgun available to him. Aiming at the church bell requires quite a bit of precision, and you’ll likely only be able to shoot the church bell with a sniper rifle, which is obtained in the following chapter where you meet the Merchant for the first time.

Even so, this could be a great skip to keep in mind for speedrunners playing on new game plus.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is now available on PC and consoles.

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