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How to Make Money in Stardew Valley

stardew valley crops

Crops are a real hot commodity in Stardew Valley. You’re able to grow as many as you can plant and sell them for even more profit. They are absolutely your main source of income– provided the months are good for them, that is. Always keep in mind that if a crop is meant for only a specific season, it will rot and be unusable the first day of the next season. Make the most of your crops by planting them early right on day one of a new season, allowing them ample time to grow. If they’re a one-time thing, you just have to sell them and hopefully buy more to replace the plots. If they continue to give crops after the first picking, perfect. You’ve got yourself a renewable resource. As soon as you can afford the saplings that Pierre sells, buy them. Those trees will always bear you fruit each day in their appropriate seasons.

Keep in mind you do get an extra boost for crops that are silver and gold star levels, so it might be smart to invest in some quality fertilizer. This is mixed into the soil before planting seeds and will last for awhile in that plot of land. But, it can also be pricey at 150 coins for one of the quality fertilizers. Hey, you have to spend money to make money.

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How to Make Money in Stardew Valley

stardew valley livestock

Livestock will be a big part of your income, although the return on investment is not as large as crops. You’ll need to invest in coops and barns as well as their upgrades to then buy one of the pricey animals that will inhabit them. However, this does mean that forever more you will get a product each day from the animal so long as they’re fed and happy. These can be mashed up with certain crafted items that will produce a new product that you can then sell for a boost in income. Livestock are also a huge part of your income during the winter when crops don’t grow.

Always keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of hay, a silo, the barns, the coops, and that it’s better to feed livestock out on grass pastures than relying solely on your expensive hay supply. Except in the winter, of course, where everything is barren and they will definitely starve without hay.

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Foraging in Stardew Valley

stardew valley foraging

All throughout Pelican Town, you’ll find things you can forage. This is useful when starting out and coin flow is low. Selling foraged items you find are an easy and free way to make extra money. Never leave something forageable on the ground unless you have no room in your backpack; sell, sell, sell. Mixed seeds also bear these foraged items and they always change with the seasons. Not to mention that often you’ll be able to use something that you forage to craft something else. For example, Beach Warp Totems require coral, or grapes can be made into wine. So just pick up as much as possible and either use it to craft something for your industry or throw it into your shipping box.

Fishing in Stardew Valley

stardew valley fishing

Fishing is the best pastime in this little town. You’ll catch fish that will sell alone or that can be cooked in your kitchen for a hearty, pricey meal. Then you can sell that. Look, the point of this is sell everything possible, and fish can go for quite a bit. Also, the beach area is great for foraging coral and sea urchins which also go for a lot. But don’t just stick to the beach, remember that lakes and rivers hold different fish. All three sources of water will get you money if you continuously use them and sell your catches.

Keep in mind that you can also either buy crab pots or craft them. These are simply placed in the water, filled with bait (which is cheap to buy or craft) and the next day it will have caught something. Be sure to craft a recycling machine because you’ll likely be catching a lot of trash and putting it into the machine could yield you some really expensive items.

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How to Make Money in Stardew Valley

stardew valley industry

Once you get everything else down-packed, you’re going to want to build your industry. That’s right, get your monopoly going on everything you can possibly craft. Become a mayonnaise tycoon. Sell Pelican Town’s best wine. Harvest the finest honey, maple syrup, jelly, whatever in all of the land! Why sell your raw products when you can craft a bunch of different tools that will turn them into hot commodities? These all increase your sell price although it’s not as instant as just selling right from the cow or chicken or tree. There’s a wide variety of machines you can craft and they each help you to sell something different for an added boost. However, it’s smart to start small with the raw items and work your way up on those as well as the livestock before you jump to becoming a production machine.

A crafting guide can be found over here, and if you need any more help with Stardew Valley, have a look at our wiki!

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