Sifu Sales Top 500,000 Copies After First Week


Developer SoClap has today announced that its martial-arts action game Sifu has enjoyed a positive commercial performance over its first week, with total sales exceeding 500,000 units. The news comes by way of a Tweet from the game’s official channel:

Sifu has received a mixed critical reception. Twinfinite reviewed the game and scored it 3.5/5, noting in our conclusion that while we appreciated the nature of its challenging design, it often feels unnecessarily punishing. Still, it’s a game that will certainly be enjoyed by an enthusiast audience. Features editor Andrew McMahon notes:

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with Sifu. I know that it’s an excellent game. The combat is tight, feels really fluid, and is going to provide a nice challenge for people who want one. However, its gameplay loop and punishing aging system and multiplier, mixed with a lack of proper training and tutorial elements, ruined whatever enjoyment I felt at the start. 

I have no doubt that a lot of people are going to love that the game is super difficult, especially if you enjoyed Absolver, but I am just not one of those people.

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